SEO: Knowledge is power

In our social media exploration, we tackle search engine optimization (SEO).  Our social media expert, Alexa Mokalis, adjunct lecturer at the San Diego State University School of Journalism and Media Studies, breaks down how SEO can really matter for your website.

I love this topic because I knew so little about it three years ago.  Many of us enlist a specialist in the layout, content, and back-end of our practice websites.  I used a hybrid approach and learned a lot along the way.  A programmer and web designer brought my vision into sights with website design, and I completed the back end and content of the website.  I liked this approach because the voice of the website is authentically mine, and I learned a lot about websites along the way.  However, it is quite labor intensive (think a year!) for a large-scale website. For busy dermatologists, the use of a good copywriter may be in order.

Despite my intermediate knowledge on websites and SEO, I was surprised by some of our expert’s comments, while others confirmed that well-done, authentic work on a website’s content pays off in the long run.  Ms. Mokalis’ most salient SEO tips: Click Here

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